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“Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” at the Know Theatre

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There’s still time to see it!  The Know Theatre’s “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” opened on March 31 and will be running through May 12 — and it’s not for the faint of heart!  Definitely “different” (in a good way), this rock musical is bold, exciting, hilarious, raw, loud, and in your face.  (And yes, it’s as bloody as the title suggests.)  Though it can be incredibly satirical, it does also have a poignant side, and deliberately wants to make you think.

The following overview pretty much already sums it up brilliantly…

“An audacious mix of historical fact and invention, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson tells the story of America’s controversial seventh president using a raucous blend of outrageous comedy, anarchic theatricality and an infectious rock n’ roll soundtrack. Bloody Bloody examines the attraction and terrors of American Populism through the story of the man who invented the Democratic Party, doubled the size of our nation, and signed the Indian Removal Acts that started the Trail of Tears.”

– via Know Theatre – Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (please click for more details on this show)

Cincinnati native Kellen York has the starring role as Andrew Jackson, and really does it justice with an energetic performance, holding nothing back.  The show is directed by Eric Vosmeier and it’s ripe with very talented graduates and students, including a few from University of Cincinnati’s CCM.   It even features a live (local) band: The Dukes are Dead!

There was one scene that made me laugh so hard, it brought me to tears — though I won’t give away the surprise!  While certainly entertaining, I also found this show to be very daring, testing the waters of typically conservative Cincinnati.  Even more big-picture, it analyzes Andrew Jackson’s infamous treatment of Native American populations.  A good balance of comedy, drama, satire, and fun, dished up to you in a zany and quirky way.  (And I’m super proud of my buddy Kellen!)

Also, the tagline is: “History Just Got All Sexypants” . . . need I say more?

For tickets, please visit or call 513.300.5669 — two more weeks left to check it out!

Photos by Deogracias Lerma for the Know Theatre.

Written by Rebecca Nebert

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