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Our very own Paper Hat and Dance Party

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- because, why not?


You may have missed this, and if so, read this post and learn, my young padawans.

(What is the plural of “padawan” anyway? Padawans? Padawan, like moose and moose? Padawaii?)

One of the things that makes Cincinnati weird is the spontaneity of this city. Throw back to when I wrote about the flash mob dance party in OTR. Or, the random after parties that seem to pop up on any given Northside evening (weekdays not immune). Granted, our Paper Hat party was in the planning for two weeks, but I admire how clever and wacky people can come up with something fun, and make it happen, in such a short time period.

Hosted by the lovely C&D Cafe in historic Northside, the Paper Hat and Dance Party was pretty much just that… you danced, with paper hats on. Okay, right? Two excellent DJs (redkattseven and Fuxr) provided the jams, and Make Cincinnati Weird provided the crafts. We had oodles of paper, packing tape, markers, everything you’d need to make an awesome paper hat. Beyond that, we had prizes. Prizes!


Why would you not want to go to that?

Well, I did, and I’ll admit, I almost didn’t, because I have absolutely no creative talent with arts and crafts.

But Matthew, it’s just paper!

Yeah, give me a pen and some paper and we’re good. Or a typewriter. Or this laptop I’m writing on. I’m a writer, and a bit of a musician, but if you try to have me draw or create something it’s… not… pretty. Somehow, I won a prize. I dunno. All I did was create these four strips of paper that sort of looked like dreadlocks, and taped them to my hair. Not exactly a hat, but, you know, it worked!

Make Cincinnati Weird is as much a resource as it is a culture. This is what we do. There’s a pulse of creativity in this town; an awareness of what it is that makes us breathe. It means something different to each of us, and in it we find a means to celebrate who we are. So, if you came, and you passed out with a paper hat taped to your hair, well done.

Also, happy Star Wars Day! In honor of Mr. Lucas and those who have trouble making it to work following an afterparty in Northside, enjoy this video, dug up off the intrawebs by my friend Kristina. (NSFW)

Written by Matthew Risher

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