Tuesday, October 11th, 2011...8:34 pm

How do you see Cincinnati?

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I visited Bellevue Hill Park in Clifton the other day with a couple of friends.  As a first-timer, I found the view absolutely beautiful. The sky was crisp, clear, and we had that great fall weather that makes everything that much more enjoyable. Looking at Cincinnati from another perspective was inspiring. Not only do I think we underestimate the beauty of Cincinnati, but also we forget to remember the entirety of the city. And by that I mean Cincinnati is made up of so many different, colorful neighborhoods and we’re quick to section them off as separate entities. I once heard someone say that we shouldn’t forget that Over the Rhine is the SAME as Cincinnati. This is just one example of how we divide different parts of the city. Downtown, Clifton, Mt. Adams, Over the Rhine, Mt. Lookout, Northside – it’s all Cincinnati. While each neighborhood has unique characteristics, I do think there is an importance to looking at Cincinnati as a whole.

So go to Bellevue Hill or wherever your favorite viewing spot is and take a minute to look this beautiful place we call home.


Written by Kara Driscoll


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  • Love it!

  • Ha! Bellevue Hill Park is awesome! I was lucky that, when I first moved here about 5 years ago, my neighbor gave me a tour of his favorite spots in Cincinnati, including this little park. So, even though it’s not that well known, I knew about it from the start.

    But, what’s this? No photographs of the pavillion? The view is great, but the pavillion is amazing!

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