If You Didn’t Go to “The Leprechaun’s Wake”…

…you missed a hell of a good time! 

 Stripy Stockings! 

Mysterious guests! 

Marmalade Brigade

Amazing Music!

Charming Chanteuses! 

Trixie DeVille

Scandalous Performances! 

Shocking Behavior! 

Pandora Promotions

Close Camaraderie! 

 Hellacious Hoydens! 

Delicious Drinks!

Special thanks to Emma Peelout, Michael Kilbourne, and Brian Kollig for allowing me to use your pictures and to Pandora Promotions, Marmalade Brigade, Ford Theater Reunion and Hellblinki for putting on such a great show. You can hear more about the show and get the stories behind the pictures in Episode 12 of The Charlie Tonic Hour.

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